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Setting up a Recommendations unit in Email Sequences

To set up Recommendations within your Email Sequences, firstly ensure that the Recommendations package is active within your account. 

Please note Email Sequences cannot be sent with Recommendations units contained in the email without a live package on your account. 

You may speak with your Client Success Manager if you have any questions about adding the Recommendation package to your Email Sequences.

Adding Recommendations within Email Sequences

To begin setting up Recommendations within your Email Sequences, head to your Salesfire Dashboard and select the More option from the Main Menu, once selected head to the Email Template section to begin setting up Recommendations for your Emails. 

Within the Email Templates you will find a preview of the Recommendations unit that can appear in your Emails. The Email Template will be prepopulated with the Recommendations feature select Customise Default Styles to reveal the product menu where edits can be made to the Recommendations unit. 

This will include choosing the Recommendations unit that you would like to use for your Emails template. The campaign names can be found within your Recommendations tools where your Recommendations strategy can be set up. More information on how Recommendations strategy can be implemented can be found in the Help Centre. 

Setting Recommendations Strategy 

Recommendations strategy can be set within the Recommendations tool in your Salesfire Dashboard. 

Head to your Main Menu in the Salesfire Dashboard and select Recommendations

Within the Recommendations tab a New Campaign can be created to add to your Email campaigns.  

To set the strategy of the Email Sequences, follow the Recommendations Slot Strategies guide to set your email Recommendations.