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Trustpilot reviews connection

Third party integrations are available to compliment your Salesfire campaigns, with simple steps to incorporate third party campaigns into the Salesfire tools. 

Integrate your existing Trustpilot account to display what others have to say about their experience and build trust in your brand.

How to connect your Trustpilot account to Salesfire. 

  1. Access your Salesfire Dashboard
  2. Go to the Main Menu and select More. 
  3. Now select Settings, and then choose Reviews to begin.
  4. In this section you will find the option to connect your Trustpilot account.
  5. Enter your site url and then select Verify Store ID. 
  6. Upon selecting the verification button you will be presented with a message to confirm the connection has completed.

Once your connection is confirmed, indicated by the green highlighted box, you are now ready to use the Salesfire and Trustpilot campaigns. 

Troubleshooting Integrations

If verification is not achieved with your site url a message will notify of any issues such as: 

  • Invalid data  - This will present if the url is incorrect. 
  • Reconnect  - Any active Trustpilot campaigns have been paused and require a paid for Trustpilot account to connect and verify. 

For creating a Trustpilot Reviews campaign, follow these steps