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Setting up a Trustpilot campaign
Typically takes 1 minute

Build a customer’s trust and promote the positive experiences shoppers have had on your site by integrating your Trustpilot reviews.

Trustpilot - Step 1:

When setting up a Trustpilot campaign in Digital Assistant, follow these steps:

  1. Upon selecting the Trustpilot campaign, you will be presented with the option to set the campaign type as a Small Message, Large Message or an Overlay.

  2. Once you have selected the campaign type, click Next. This will take you to the Customise your Campaign area.

  3. You may also adapt the text displayed beneath your Trustpilot account, select from the style options you prefer such as light or dark mode.

  1. Ensure your Trustpilot store ID is connected before clicking Next to successfully show your reviews live.

  2. You’re ready to go.