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How to set up a product promotion
Typically takes 3 minutes

Search Promotions provide an additional outlet to promote key campaigns and boost on-site engagement within your search results.

In this article we will look at creating a Product Promotion in Search.

Product Promotions allow you to create a promotion around a product featured in your product feed.

Setting up a Product Promotion
  1. Select Search from the main navigation and click the Promotions tab. Here you will find the New Promotion button to set up a new promotion unit. From here, name your promotion and click Add.

    Alternatively, if you would like to edit an existing promotion select the Edit Promotion button on your chosen campaign.

  2. Once you have clicked Add, you will see a preview of the search display, including how your Promotion will look when live.

  3. Click Edit Promotion to see the editing panel.

    The Details tab contains the editing options for your promotion name and a start and end date for scheduling your campaigns in advance.

This also allows you to select a time of your choosing for when the promotion should switch on and off. This may be left blank if you would rather use the status option to manually enable or disable your promotion.

Designing a Product Promotion

  1. To create a Product Promotion, firstly select the Product icon within the Design tab.

  2. In the Product field you can search for an item from your product feed to showcase in the Product Promotion.

  3. Once you have selected the product, you may add Ribbon Text.

    Ribbon text will display a banner of text that can sit above or below the product image within the Search Promotion. This can be used to showcase a message such as ‘New in’.

  4. The Ribbon Background section provides the option to add a background colour to the ribbon text displayed on your Product Promotion campaign.

  5. Once you are happy with the promotion, make sure you click Save.