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How to set up a newsletter promotion
Typically takes 3 minutes

In this article, we’ll look at creating a Newsletter Promotion.

You can use this promotion to add a data collection campaign to your search results, enabling you to collect email addresses as shoppers browse.

Creating a Newsletter Promotion
  1. Select Search from the main navigation and click the Promotions tab. Here you will find the New Promotion button to set up a new promotion unit. From here, name your promotion and click Add.

    Alternatively, if you would like to edit an existing promotion select the Edit Promotion button on your chosen campaign.

  2. Once you have clicked Add, you will see a preview of the search display, including how your Promotion will look when live.

  3. Click Edit Promotion to see the editing panel.

  4. To begin, select the Newsletter icon within the Design tab. This will reveal the creation steps for your newsletter campaign.

  5. The List drop-down will allow you to choose the collection form to which email submissions will be added.

    Your lists are then stored in the Salesfire dashboard where they can be exported to your newsletter subscriber list.

    Learn more about how to manage lists in your Salesfire dashboard.                                                                                                                                                                                             

  6. Use the Headline field and Body field to add text that will encourage newsletter sign-ups.

    The headline will be displayed as a header along the top of your campaign and the text will display along the centre of the campaign. This can all be previewed in the search window.

  7. Enable the Consent Opt-in toggle to display privacy and GDPR information for your email communications.

    In the Consent Opt-in field, you can add consent messaging to appear alongside the tick box. This will default to the wording ‘consent’ if nothing is entered.

  8. For a newsletter campaign, the call to action button will default to display ‘Sign up’. If you would like to change this text type into the Button field and amend how it appears.

  9. If you would like to upload an image to your Newsletter Promotion select the Image Upload button. The image dimensions for a Search Promotion are 752px x 348px with a 36px border.

  10. If you would like to use a block colour instead of uploading an image use the colour button next to image upload.

  11. Remember to hit Save to update any changes you have made to your campaign.