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How to set up a Quick Links promotion
Typically takes 3 minutes

Quick Links Promotions are designed to link to specific pages on your site.

Quick Links are commonly used to help customers who are searching on your website to find key information such as FAQs, delivery and returns information or contact information.

In this article, we will take a look at creating a Quick Links promotion

Setting up a Quick Links Promotion
  1. Select Search from the main navigation and click the Promotions tab. Here you will find the New Promotion button to set up a new promotion unit. From here, name your promotion and click Add.

    Alternatively, if you would like to edit an existing promotion select the Edit Promotion button on your chosen campaign.

  2. Once you have clicked Add, you will see a preview of the search display, including how your Promotion will look when live.

  3. Select Edit Promotion which will reveal the side editing panel to create your campaign.

  4. To begin select the Quick Links icon within the Design tab.

  5. Click the green plus button to Add Quick Links, this will then reveal two fields.

  6. The Quick Link Text field will be the name of your quick link button.

  7. The second field, Quick Link URL, is where you can enter the URL destination for the quick link.

  8. Once you have completed this action you may repeat these steps to add multiple quick links to one campaign. A preview will appear in the search screen so you review how this looks.

  9. Don’t forget to hit Save to finish creating and save your campaign.