Troubleshooting Magento 2

Troubleshooting integration issues for Magento 2

Uncaught Error: Class 'Salesfire\Formatter' not found

This occurs when our Salesfire SDK has not to be installed: This usually happens when the plugin has been installed manually outside of the Magento Extension Manager.

There are three ways to resolve this:

Feed is not generating


If your Magento store is not generating a product feed please ensure:

  • Product Feed setting is Enabled and necessary settings are completed.
  • Wait until the next day - our product feeds generate each morning therefore may take a day to generate.
  • Ensure your cron cache has been cleared.

If you are still having trouble generating the feed it may be due to configuration or setup issues that conflict with our plugin. Please send any logs to your account manager who will pass them onto our team to investigate for you.

These are typical file names of logs you should provide:

  • salesfire.log - Often located at /var/log/salesfire.log.
  • system.log
  • phperror.log
  • exception.log
  • Any other logs that are relevant as per your setup. The names above may vary.

Magento 2 integration security policies

This is an alternative solution when set up doesn't include whitelisting the Salesfire functions and presents error codes on the user's site, found in the console.

Please see here: 

If the system is reporting errors but not enforcing the block. You will need to add * to that whitelist.