How to add a 'Countdown Timer'

Here we walk you through how to use the Countdown Timer element in Overlays

With the Countdown timers within Salesfire, you are provided with the opportunity to create urgency around some of your marketing campaigns and help persuade that unsure customer to complete their purchase. The information below breaks down the elements so you better understand this and are able to easily add these in.

Firstly if you go to the design section of your overlay campaign and switch to the 'Advanced' option in the top right-hand corner:

Screenshot 2021-03-23 at 17.05.15

From here, click to Insert Element on the left-hand side (Red Text Box). Once clicked you will be presented with all of the different elements we have available. We are looking for the 'Countdown Timer' which is towards the bottom of the list. Drag and drop this box onto your overlay design to get this onto the canvas. 

Setting up the timer

Now we have the element on the page we can set this up in a couple of different ways to best suit your need here. We have three options:

Screenshot 2021-04-07 at 15.57.41

1) Date and Time

This option is to countdown to a specific date and time in the future. Once it reaches that point in time the countdown will not reset and will stay at 00:00:00. This is mostly used to countdown to the end of an offer or sale period. 

2) Next Occurrence

This is to set up a countdown to a specific time of day. This option will reset to the next period every time it gets to zero. This is useful to highlight next day delivery cutoff points to your customers.

3) Timer

This option allows you to count down a specific amount of time of your choice. This will be set up based on your customer's first interaction to trigger this. So if an overlay is fired with a discount code you can create urgency on the usage of the code by counting down the time left for the code to be used.

All of the above options can be shown in different formats; Automatic, xx:xx:xx or hours and minutes. You choose which option suits your countdown.

Now we have this set up on the overlay you can go ahead and make your design changes as you would with a normal text element in an overlay.

Pro tip: What we have seen from clients using this so far is a design image being created with the boxes built into it so that your countdown timer can sit on top and fit the design you have created. 

Please be aware that the Salesfire system is configured to use the UTC time zone. Due to seasonal changes during the year, you may find that your countdown timer is not accurate. Our Dashboard is set to UTC but doesn't automatically adjust to GMT when the clocks go forward. Please be aware that some manual GMT adjustments may be needed throughout the year. You would need to take an hour off UTC in the Dashboard so the timer is accurate on the front end for UTC.