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How to set up a data collection overlay campaign

In this article, we'll show you how to create a data collection form to collect data within an Overlay campaign. 

  1. In your Salesfire Dashboard head to the Main Menu and select Overlays. 
  2. Select the overlay you wish to set the data collection form up on by clicking Edit and then choosing Design.
  3. Switch to Advanced mode in the top right-hand corner, this changes the left hand navigation where edits can be made to advanced settings such as setting up a data collection campaign. 
  4. Click Insert Element second from the bottom on the left-hand navigation.  This action changes the left-hand navigation. Find the Form element in the left-hand navigation and left-click and hold.  Now drag the element onto the Overlay:

Now save your changes.

You may repeat this process similarly to add a text field alongside the Form in order to collect names, email addresses and phone numbers. Simply select Input Text Field from the Insert Element options to drag and drop these into the form where the data will be collected together for you.