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How to resize your Overlay canvas size

In this article, we will cover how to resize your canvas size within an overlay.

Your overlay campaign will have a preset size but if you wish to change the size of the campaign to display a particular size on your site, this is possible through the Design editing tool in the Salesfire Dashboard within the Overlays area. 

In order to change the size, you must first navigate to the Overlays area of the dashboard using the Main Menu. Once you have identified the Overlay that you would like to edit you must then navigate to the Design tab.


Across the top of the dashboard, you have a number of options for preview as well as Undo & Redo. You will also have the option to edit within the browser or navigate to a full-screen editor, depending on your preference. The first step that you must take is to change the Design editor from Basic to Advanced using the selector in the top section of the screen. 

Using your cursor you can identify different elements within an overlay. In this particular instance, we will be editing the Canvas. You can either identify this by using your cursor or using the elements list which you will find on the left side of the display. 

Selecting the Canvas element within your overlay will then change the navigation pane to the left, giving you the ability to make the changes that you would like to. You will have a couple of options including Triggers, Appearance and Layout

For the purpose of resizing your canvas, you will need to scroll down Layout and use the dimension measurements. If you leave the Type dropdown menu option as responsive it will make sure that the rest of the elements within the overlay resize automatically as you change the size of the canvas.

The Width and Height sections in this section will allow you to enter the width and height of the canvas size you need.