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How to use Whitelist, Blacklist and Advanced to target pages with an overlay campaign
Typically takes 3 minutes

Choose which pages your campaign targets. Target specific pages with a campaign, you will find options to target specific product pages, categories or prevent a campaign from appearing on certain pages in this guide. 

Options available to target pages across your site with an overlay campaign 


All - Your overlay will potentially show on all pages across the site when followed by the triggers and conditions set. 

Whitelist - This will allow you to list specific rules for the pages you wish an overlay to appear on. This can be at product, category or basket level, simply list the URL in the following format: /product  

Blacklist - Any page you do not want your overlay to be on should join the blacklist. Rules added to the blacklist option will prevent the overlay from showing on these pages or pages on the site. 

Advanced - Our Advanced setting allows for Regular Expression (Regex) to be included in the URL for further control on where the overlay will be shown. For example, fire a single overlay that is both whitelisted and blacklisted without the compromise of listing multiple pages within a category in order to follow one rule set. 

For example, you can use the advance to target a category by whitelisting the category and then adding another group to blacklist three or four products from that category instead of the compromise of listing multiple rules under the singular whitelist or blacklist option. 

How to list the URL structure

There is no need to enter the whole URL - we already know your website's domain - all we need is the latter part. A good example of targeting a product page would be as follows: 


You may want to simplify the whitelist to the homepage, in this case, we'd enter:


Alternatively, you may not want to go that deep into the URL hierarchy. Instead, we only want to target our category pages. In this case, we'd simply enter: 



This process works throughout the site across all pages, by following the structure: /example/ or *example* depending on your site structure. 

As soon as the Salesfire system picks up the desired phrase(s) in any URL on your site, the overlay will fire.

There is no limit on the number of pages that you can add to a white/black list. Simply find the page you are looking to whitelist or blacklist on your site and follow the above process to add rules to your campaigns within the Pages section of your overlays and prompts.