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Product Catalogue Settings

The Product Catalogue settings will allow you to monitor your product feed within the Salesfire Dashboard

Within the Dashboard Settings, you will be able to locate the Product Catalogue.


Import - This tab in the Dashboard will allow you to add your Product Feed, the feed types can be identified as seen below: 

You will also find the Validate and Run Import button to validate your product feed, you can also use this to run any updates to your feed during the day by pressing the button. This is especially useful if you have any updates to your products midday, outside of the automated update at 4 am each day.)

You will also find a progress section on the right side of the import screen to keep track of your feed import and if there is any missing data required, this will be identified for you. You will also be able to track if the feed import has been successful in this area too. 


Catalogue - The catalogue section will give you a clear overview of your product catalogue, you will also find a search option in this section to browse your catalogue and filter in and out of stock items. 


Synonyms  - This can be found in the Product Catalogue settings, see the synonyms guide here.


Mappings- This section will populate the colour, age and gender from your product feed. If you require additional colours, age types or genders to be added to the mapping index, this can be done by hitting the ‘Add Additional’ button at the bottom of the page and then ‘Save Preferences’ to publish the edits. 


Import History  - This will give you a full breakdown of your product feed import history and the status of any imports run. This will also help you to identify if there have been any unsuccessful imports through our system and details of what the potential issue is. You will also be able to download any errors as a CSV file so you can work through any issues.