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Managing Lists in your Salesfire Dashboard

Any data collected through a Salesfire campaign such as email addresses, names and phone numbers will be stored in the Lists section of your Salesfire dashboard.

This data can be used for enquiries or to grow your email subscription lists, working to build brand awareness for your company.

You can segment any data you collect into individual lists ready for exporting by selecting More and then Download or forwarding to a specific email address using the following steps.

How to email forward your lists

Sending an email notification when a contact is added to a list

If you want to receive an email notifying you of data landing in specific lists make sure to follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the side navigation of your Salesfire dashboard and find Lists under the Main Menu section.
  2. You will then see a selection of the lists you have created that are collecting data for you. 
  3. Choose the list you wish to receive notifications for and select the Settings button. 
  4. This will present you with a Forward to Email Addresses section to add any email addresses you wish to notify whenever data drops into it.
  5. Make sure to hit Save to complete this process.