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How Salesfire analytics work alongside Google Analytics
Typically takes 1 minute

The Salesfire (SF) dashboard shows three key sets of information in a different manner to what Google Analytics (GA) does:

Users (GA) vs Visitors (SF) 

Users on Google Analytics are calculated on unique user visits over a certain period of time. Visitors on Salesfire work in a similar fashion, but are narrowed down to unique visitors per hour. One user in Google Analytics who stays on the site for two hours would be classified as two Visitors in Salesfire.


Although we do track page views in the same manner as Google Analytics, this information may not be identical to that shown in the GA dashboard. This is simply due to the nature of the Salesfire service. Some discrepancies which are out of our control are due to third party AdBlockers or Bot Filters which can interfere with our analytics service. 


The revenue shown in the Salesfire dashboard is roughly 14% lower than that of Google Analytics. This is quite simply due to the way we report sales - tax is not included in our revenue calculation.