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How to manage variants in Email Sequences

To manage the variants within your Email Sequences, from your Main Menu select More the Settings and then select Email Template.  Within the Email Template section of the Dashboard you will find a default email template for all of your email campaign designs. Any changes made to the email template will be reflected in any new campaigns set up in Email Sequences. 

In the Email Template, you will find the option to Customise your default template with your choice of fonts, text size and any padding required. 

The template settings in the Salesfire dashboard where the email template can be edited.

You will also find the Product Recommendations feature in your email template and the ability to customise the number of units that appear in your email campaigns and make any edits to fonts and pricing display. Settings for creating Recommendations in an email campaign.

The recommendations template settings in the email template section of the Salesfire dashboard.

Separately, within the Campaign Flow of individual email campaigns, you will find the option to make unique changes to specific campaigns to overrule your Email Template if required to make individual edits to each email within a sequence.