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Creating an Email & SMS campaign

Salesfire Email & SMS campaigns can be created using a choice of templated automated campaigns or use of a bespoke campaign to deliver targeted campaigns based on shoppers' behaviour onsite in order reduce basket abandonment, create upsell opportunities and capture high quality subscribers. 

How to launch a automated campaign

Automated campaigns can be used within the Email & SMS section of your Salesfire dashboard to deliver sequence campaigns based on proven effective strategy such as cart abandonment, search and browse abandonment, saving a basket, post purchase follow up emails and SMS and email sign up confirmation follow up emails and SMS. 

Creating an automated email

  1. Click on Email & SMS within your Salesfire dashboard menu. 
  2. Browser from the pre set strategy automated campaigns created by Salesfire and select Launch to review your chosen campaign.

Each campaign will come preloaded with conditions in order to deliver your Email & SMS campaign with the utmost success. However, if you wish to edit or add any further conditions simply hover over the current conditions loaded to edit or select Add Condition to add further conditions that your campaign must meet in order to send. Conditions explained can also be found within your Help Centre to assist with automated email campaign changes. 

  1. Review the Campaign Flow which contains the campaign trigger, your preloaded email templates and the sequence send delay (using the delay pill located between each campaign to adjust). 

Once you are happy with your email campaign, use the Send Test function to preview an email as it would send, this can be carried out for each individual email only.

When you are ready to complete your sequence, select Save and choose between saving as a draft or launching your campaign.

Adding SMS to your campaign sequences

Within your Email Campaign Overview you will find the Campaign Flow section, located on the right side. 

You will find a plus option located between each of the preloaded email sequences. 

Use the plus option to add SMS into your campaign sequences. SMS can be created throughout any of the campaigns available in the Salesfire dashboard.

Adding an SMS to a campaign flow in the Email & SMS dashboard.


Once you have selected the Add SMS option you will be taken through to the SMS builder to customise your message.

To add a variable value and what this can achieve in an SMS or Email campaign.

Upon adding any links to your SMS text please ensure the Automatically shorten links checkbox is ticked in order to track clicks on your campaign in your Salesfire dashboard analytics.

Adding text content to and SMS message campaign.

Once you are happy with your SMS content select Save SMS to complete.

How to create a Bespoke Email Campaign

Bespoke Email Campaigns can be created with your Salesfire dashboard to send one time campaigns to a particular data segment that you have created. 

How to create a Bespoke Email

If you have not already, create your desired segment within the Audiences section of the dashboard following the Help Centre guidance. 

  1. To create a Bespoke Email Campaign go to the Email & SMS section of your dashboard menu. 
  2. From the campaign menu, choose the Bespoke campaign template, select Launch to begin creating your bespoke email.

Finding the bespoke campaign in the Email & SMS dashboard

  1. You will find a preloaded template titled Email One which can be used to create your bespoke email campaign.
  2. Once you have created your email, hover over the Segment under Trigger within the Campaign Flow, this is where you will be able to select a segment to deliver a specific campaign to a targeted audience. 
  3. Select Update once you are happy with the audience segment that your campaign will send to.

Scheduling a Bespoke campaign duration

Within the email builder you will find the Duration section, hover and select Edit to schedule your campaign to send between a specific date and time if you require advanced schedule. If your campaign is being prepared to send immediately you may leave this section blank.

Editing your email template 

Editing your email template within Bespoke Email Campaigns to allow for specific email content to be delivered to your chosen audience. 

To edit your email click Email one to edit the email with your desired content. 

Editing the email template with the bespoke campaign section of the Salesfire dashboard.

The main body of email content can be added within the templated Explain your email here text.

Don't forget to hit Save to update any campaigns or click on Send Test if you would like to send a test mail to preview the email as it would arrive into an inbox to make sure you are happy with the design and content before enabling the email send. 

Click on Add Email if you require any additional emails to be added to your bespoke email campaign send. 

Adding email, SMS or delay to a bespoke campaign