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Getting started with Email Sequences

Email Sequences deploy targeted emails based on a shopper's on-site behaviour to reduce basket abandonment, present further upsell opportunities and capture high-quality email subscribers.

Launching an Email Sequence campaign

To get started with Salesfire’s Email Sequences, head to the Main Menu in your Salesfire dashboard and select Email where you will find a list of any live email campaigns.

To launch a campaign click the Launch a campaign button. You will then land in the Email Campaign Store.

Here you will find the available Email Sequence templates containing preset strategies to assist with launching a campaign on your site with ease. 

Choose a campaign

The Email Sequences campaign store offers you a range of campaigns based on proven strategies to prevent basket abandonment, recover lost sales and drive upsells.

You will find your email campaigns are categorised depending on the strategy you are looking to launch:

  • Prevent basket abandonment
  • Customer retention 
  • Notify customers
  • Custom campaign

Upon selecting your chosen campaign you will be presented with a Learn More button to explore how the campaign works and a video explaining the benefits of the campaign. The Launch button will allow you to begin designing the campaign. 

Email campaign overview

Once you have selected the campaign you will be presented with the Email Campaign Overview page where you can review the preset strategy, amend delays to the conditions or edit the content within your email campaigns.

Find the functionality to select Conditions to control when your email sequences should be delivered to your targeted audience. 

Each email campaign available will have a preset strategy to help you deliver campaigns and an optimum time and ensure a customer has fulfilled the correct requirements to receive specific content. Explore the available email conditions and how they work. 

A Trigger section is also available within the Email Campaign Overview to select an action for selecting data lists your email campaigns should trigger from, you may select a specific list to trigger campaigns from or with Abandoned Basket emails you will find the preset strategy to capture emails at any point across your website in order to send informative basket abandoned to customers to bring them back to your site to continue browsing the products left in the cart. 

Learn more about Email Conditions

Learn more about Email Triggers

How to manage variants in Email Sequences

To manage the variants within your Email Sequences, from your Main Menu select More the Settings and then select Email Template.  Within the Email Template section of the Dashboard you will find a default email template for all of your email campaign designs. Any changes made to the email template will be reflected in any new campaigns set up in Email Sequences. 

In the Email Template, you will find the option to Customise your default template with your choice of fonts, text size and any padding required. 

You will also find the Product Recommendations feature in your email template and the ability to customise the number of units that appear in your email campaigns and make any edits to fonts and pricing display.

Separately, within the Campaign Flow of individual email campaigns, you will find the option to make unique changes to specific campaigns to overrule your Email Template if required.