In this article we'll explain how to use the Lists section of the Dashboard.

The list section is available to view in the main navigation of your Dashboard. Clicking the lists link in your Dashboard brings you to the Lists Overview page where all of the data that your Overlays have been collecting will sit:

Each list is populated by the applicable Overlay that is collecting data for you e.g. Newsletter Sign-Ups.  The Newsletter sign up Overlay, in the details section of the Overlay will have been tagged with the applicable list as below:

You have three functions per list, Settings, View & More.

 - Settings - This allows you to apply an email address for the data to be sent to each time you receive new data.  (if you are setting up a Webhook, this is where you would assign the webhook to automate your data).  To see how to set up a Webhook, please click here....................

 - View - This allows you to see the data list.

 - More - This allows you to Download the list or delete the list.  The data will download to your machine as a CSV file to then upload to your endpoint location e.g. marketing software.

Note:  Once you have downloaded the data, the list will not automatically empty.  You will then need to delete the list manually as the next starting point to your new list after you have downloaded the list data.

Caution:  If you accidentally delete a list then this data is not recoverable.  Please make sure you have saved the list correctly to your machine after downloading it before deleting the list.