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The Behaviour condition

The Behaviour condition allows you to target your campaigns to appear at specific points in the user journey.

You can set this condition to display after a user has visited a number of pages or spent a certain duration on a page or across your website.

To set your conditions, click Add Condition in the Finalise your campaign section of setting up your campaign. From here, click the green plus button next to the condition you would like to use.

First, use the dropdown menu to choose if you’re setting behaviour for the current page or across the site.

You can use the seconds option to delay a campaign from appearing immediately. This works alongside the Page Load trigger to prevent a campaign from triggering as soon as they land on your site, we recommend nothing more than five seconds here.

Use the pages option to set how many pages into the journey your campaign will display on. You should consider not overwhelming the user with too many campaigns whilst ensuring your campaigns don’t display too late in the user journey.

For more information on setting the triggers on your Digital Assistant campaigns, see the Triggers section of the Help Centre.