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The Frequency condition

The Frequency condition ensures you don’t overwhelm users with too many campaigns.

Each Digital Assistant campaign comes with Frequency pre-set but you can control the number of campaigns that should display at any one time from Digital Assistant if required.

To set your conditions, click Add Condition in the Finalise your campaign section of setting up your campaign. From here, click the green plus button next to the condition you would like to use.

Here you can set the maximum number of times per session a campaign displays and how many times per visitor the campaign should show over your set timeframe.

Within the frequency condition, you will find the Advanced section. In the dropdown you can select the ranking of your campaign under Frequency Considerations, this has been pre-set but can be adjusted if required.

The Primary Campaign option means a campaign will always display regardless of the number of Digital Assistant campaigns triggered during the customer’s journey through the site.

Selecting the Alternate with other Campaigns option will tell the Salesfire algorithm to alternate between campaigns which are going to appear at the same time.