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The Element Presence condition

The Element Presence condition can be used to check whether an element is present or absent on a website.

You may utilise this condition to display a campaign when a specific link, button or copy is or is not present on your website.

Element Presence is often used to display campaigns when customers are logged into a website. For example when the ‘My Account’ element is present then specific campaigns for members can be shown with exclusive offers or discounts.

To add the required Element Selector you will need to visit your live site and right-click to Inspect the element you wish to use.

Upon doing so you will be presented with a portion of highlighted code. Simply right-click this highlighted section and select Copy Selector. You will then need to paste this selector into the Element Selector box.

You can choose from the Element Presence dropdown to choose if the campaign displays if the element is either present on the page, if the element is absent from the page of if it is present and visible.