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The Traffic Source condition

The Traffic Source condition will allow you to show campaigns based on the traffic source users are visiting from.

To set your conditions, click Add Condition in the Finalise your campaign section of setting up your campaign. From here, click the green plus button next to the condition you would like to use.

Select from the drop down option to target users coming from a specific referral domain or landing page. You will then be presented with how you wish to target the source. 

Referral Domain targets visitors coming from specific websites and Landing Page shows to users based on the landing page they are visiting from. 

You can then use a range of different options to set the rules for your condition.

In most cases we recommend using the Contains and Is equal to rules to enter keywords, such as a UTM tag, to target an Overlay to specific pages.

The Starts with and Ends with rules can be used to simultaneously target multiple campaigns that include the start or end of a specific UTM tag or phrase in the source URL you would like to target.

The Does not contain, Does not start with, Not equal to and Does not end with rules can work well in some cases if you need to blacklist a campaign from showing on specific pages.