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The Basket Value condition
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When setting up an Overlay campaign you have a range of triggers and conditions to choose from to display your messages at specific times in the user journey.

Conditions work alongside triggers, enabling you to specifically target your visitors by certain factors and behaviours.

The Basket Value condition allows you to set your campaign to appear when the shopper’s basket value is above, below or between a certain amount.

For more information on setting the triggers on your Digital Assistant campaigns, see the Triggers section of the Help Centre.

To set your conditions, click Add Condition in the Finalise your campaign section of setting up your campaign. From here, click the green plus button next to the condition you would like to use.

You will then be prompted to select and enter the values that you want your campaign to display between.

To use the Basket Value condition you must first ensure you have configured basket value detection using our guide.

We recommend setting the basket value threshold to greater than £0.01 when you want to display your campaign to customers who have added something to their basket, this works to save shoppers who show signs of abandoning their cart.

For a free delivery campaign, we would recommend using higher basket values. For example, you can set the basket value to greater than £60 so the campaign only shows to shoppers who haven’t reached the spend threshold, encouraging them to spend more to qualify for free delivery.