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Media Library - 'Image Specifications'

In this article we'll cover all things Image Specification; this will help you make sure that the images that you're uploading to your media library are fit for purpose with your tools.

Search Images:

All image sizes we receive in your product feed are resized to 500 x 500px but maintaining the aspect ratio which will be shown like the below image. 

From time to time we get issues with images that we are being supplied in feeds.  You can see the images in the below illustration, which appear out of alignment.  In some cases, we can look at making changes to the images as long as they are square.  However, in the case below the images being sent in the feed are rectangular which we can't alter.  As a result, our system will add white space to pad out the images within the container dimensions

If you are having image issues with Search then please double check your feed image dimensions and look to have them altered to at least 500 x 500 px.

Search Promotion Image Dimensions:

230 px x 348 px with a 34px border (this is required for tablet and mobile devices to ensure image quality remains at its highest)

Overlay Images:

Desktop Canvas - 700px wide x 450 px high
Mobile Canvas - 310px wide x 450px high

Note: Canvas Image refers to an Overlay that uses a full background image as part of its design as per below which is a Desktop version:

Desktop Half Image - 350px wide x 450px high
Mobile Image - 310px wide x 390px high

Note: Half Image refers to an Overlay where the image is either half left or half right of the main body text as below:


Product Recommendation Images:

We resize to 600 x 600 px within our Product Recommendations Unit.

Don't forget that you can reach out to your eCommere Success Manager if you need any further assistance!

At the moment the Salesfire system only accepts .jpg, .png and .gif. We also have a file size limit of 4mb. Please keep this in mind when choosing your media for your Salesfire tools.