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Welcome to the Salesfire Dashboard

A summary of the Salesfire Dashboard and analytics.

Welcome to the Salesfire Dashboard:


The first page that you will see every time that you log into your Salesfire account is your Dashboard. The dashboard is incredibly useful for showing snapshots of important information relating to your Salesfire account. 


In the top right hand corner of the dashboard, you will see a filtering tool that enables you to filter your dashboard view to a specific time and date range - we usually view it for the past month for an accurate representation of how your account is performing.


Performance overview:



The Salesfire dashboard shows you everything from your ‘Total Visitors’ to ‘Total Revenue’. This can be especially useful if you are looking for information regarding your account in a hurry. Below each snippet of information is our benchmarking data powered by Trend Desk. 


The Salesfire dashboard differs from client to client and what information that you have available to you will be dependent on the tools that you have with Salesfire. 


Some staple items on the dashboard include;


Overview; The overview section of the dashboard gives insights over the filtered time period to show exactly what's been happening on your website daily and how you’re performing in line with our benchmarking data. Tip: Anything that's coloured is your data, anything that is grey is our Trend Desk data.


Influenced by Salesfire: This is a useful section of the dashboard to show you exactly what your Salesfire tools have done for you in the filtered period. Here you can see how many of your orders, our tools have influenced as well as the percentage of revenue we have also influenced. 


Live on Site; This is a really intuitive feature that has recently been added to the Salesfire Dashboard. 

The ‘Live on Site’ feature allows you to see exactly who is on the website and the journey they have taken - including page views and interacting with the Salesfire conversion tools.


Device Breakdown: The ‘Device Breakdown’ feature allows you to see a breakdown of visitor device types. This encourages and opens dialogue with your eCommerce Success Manager in terms of strategy and what campaigns would work well around this. 


Latest Orders: The ‘Latest Order’ section will show you, at a glance, any of the recent orders that have been influenced by your Salesfire conversion tools by shading the tool with colour to highlight this for you. This can be explored further by selecting the ‘View All’ option. 


Latest Reports: The Salesfire system will generate a report at the start of each month for you detailing exactly how the tools and your website have performed in relation to the previous month. In addition, it will also highlight if we feel that any of our other tools will genuinely benefit you. You will also receive this to your inbox monthly but they will be stored on the Dashboard homepage for you. 

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